Document Management

Document Imaging and Archiving Solutions

Hard copy archiving can be an expensive exercise with costly storage space, high risk of lost or damaged documents, and an increased fire risk. When document are removed for the archive, the risk of them either not being returned or put back in the wrong place is high, and when it happens, they are lost forever.

Utilising high speed document scanning technology and powerful compression and archive management software, our document management division have digitised over 5 million documents for companies sine 2006 providing them instead with a searchable electronic archive that can't be destroyed by vermin, dust or water, and a solution whereby documents can be found almost instantly without fear of them becoming lost or misplaced.

Secure Document Destruction

Since February 2011, Moore now offer a secure document destruction service for both small and large volume document shredding requirements.

Security and confidentiality is paramount, and as such our most regular customers include PNG's leading Banks and insurance organisations. The shredding facility is fully monitored by CCTV and because the process is completely automated and fast, capable of shredding and baling up to 8 tonne per day, it is a secure, efficient and environmentally friendly way to safely dispose of your old archives.

In the plants first 6 months of operation, Moore have securely shredded and baled over 470 tonnes of various records and archives for customers that would otherwise still be taking up valuable storage space, all of which has now been exported to Asian pulping mills for recycling.

A certificate of destruction is provided for all shredded documents and archives.

  • Secure bulk document shredding
    This will usually include the pick-up providing it is ready for pick up and loading onto a truck is relatively easy, otherwise extra charges may be necessary. The facility is capable of securely shredding and baling over 8 tonnes per day.
  • Lockable 240 litre office bins
    Our office bins are clean, serial numbered and locked with a feeder slot in the lid. The locks are master keyed, and only opened by the supervisor when we are ready to load the contents onto the conveyor and through the shredder. You can choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pick up schedule for when your bin is collected and exchanged for an empty one. Each bin is capable of holding up to 100kg of office paper or the equivalent of a four drawer filing cabinet.

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