Digital Printing

Data Processing and Mailing Solutions

Moore have embraced the digital era, and since 1999 have led the way in using digital printing technologies to enhance and improve paper based business communications for many of PNG's leading companies.

Moore have been providing, high speed variable data processing solutions for over 10 years and are now the leading mail house for the processing for high volume statement and dividend processing for many of PNG's leading superannuation funds and financial institutions.

Digital Colour Printing

Digital colour laser printing provides a cost effective, and extremely flexible solution for low volume, or variable print colour work, including; colour publications from 1 to 100 or so copies, invitations, certificates, business cards, and low volume promotional posters and brochures.

Security Printing & MICR Encoding

Moore are the only recognised security printer in Papua New Guinea and are responsible for the production of practically all cheques used throughout the country. All cheques manufactured by Moore whether they be continuous feed forms, cut sheet laser forms, or books are all MICR encoded to APCA standards.

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)
APCA (Australian Payments Clearing Association)

Of course, security printing isn't just about printing cheques, it could be any document that might represent a value way beyond the cost of the form itself, such as; events tickets, share certificates, gift vouchers, scratch 'n win cards, internet access cards, or even purchase order forms. Moore can incorporate a range of different security features into the production of your documents that are designed to help prevent document fraud and/or counterfeiting.

Security at Moore is paramount and as such Moore utilize the latest technologies in biometric access control systems and CCTV surveillance systems to control and monitor all movement and production throughout our Port Moresby facility.

What is MICR?MICR Security POrinting

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), is the common machine language specification for a paper-based payment transfer system (cheques). It consists of magnetic ink printed characters of a special design which can be recognized by high speed magnetic recognition equipment. This series of readable characters provides the receiving party with information needed for processing the cheque including: cheque number, bank routing number (or BSB number), and the account number.

MICR characters are made up of a series of numbers and symbols specifically designed for machine readability at extremely high rates of speed. The symbols provide a beginning and ending point for each group of numbers allowing the machine to quickly determine what each series of numbers signify.

Offset Printing

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Print& Facilities Management

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Document Management

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